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changing ourselves. together.
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1 year of bravespace. 

On December 27th, 2021 we are celebrating one year of bravespace and a fast-growing community of radical self-inquiry enthusiasts and lovers of growing alongside each other. 

You can now join our anniversary event "Make 2022 count"here.

We will be reflecting on the year, journaling about our biggest wins, and challenges, as well as charging up our skillful action and intentions for 2022.


And yes it will involve a virtual dance party. 

We appreciate all of you.

All the love, all the power,

Franzi & Ted

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Summer Festival
Working from Home
Boy Jumping into Water
Healing Intergenerational
Nov 21st, 2021; 2pm ET
Make 2022 Count
Dec 27th, 2021; 2pm ET
Deepfit Dad, Jan 2nd, 2021
Deepfit Mom Jan 9th, 2021;
2pm ET 

This event is for ambitious, high-performing new or expecting dads and moms respectively. We often work in those with founders, executives, senior managers, business owners, athletes, and medical professionals. 

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Outdoor Meditation
Personal Growth during a pandemic

What are the questions
I need to ask myself
to grow mindfully? 

This is an ideal journaling practice to explore yourself in moments of transition, whether you are moving forward from your job, are exploring new levels of personal wisdom or try to understand how to get unstuck. 

Image by Leonardo Sanches
Brave Love

How do we show up in the relationships that mean the world to us?

What kind of bravery do you need to enter, stay and thrive in a relationship?

Living through a pandemic has shown us more than ever that relationships are complex. Great relationships demand that we show up in different ways for each other. Our lives can only converge with each other if we actively listen, find creative compromises, and cheer each other on as we grow. 

Image by Joel Muniz
Friendship in the age of loneliness

How do we make friends as adults and overcome loneliness?

We will be journaling about friendships in the age of loneliness, and what it means to actually be friends with someone in the digital age. We will be going deep with ourselves on our need for human connection and reflecting on how to build intimate bonds across age, race, countries, and political agendas. We will also extend into what all of this means for relationships in the workplace and how being intentional about your work(place) choices can have a significant impact on the way you feel connected, and experience belonging in your life. 

BraveSpace Manifesto

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave (wo)man is not (s)he who does not feel afraid, but (s)he who conquers that fear.
- Nelson Mandela


From the depths of my existence, I must confess.

I wake up every day in need of the courage, stamina and strength to take another step overcoming my doubts and fears. I stopped denying and distracting myself from the pain of my traumas - big and small. 

That is why now, you can find me in the arena. I do not shy away from the dust and the dirt anymore. The bruises and scratches are a testimony to my resolve. I will persevere.


My heart beats deeper thinking of the view beyond my momentary struggle. My past will not define my future, I will.


The present is where I practice the discipline to love myself and grow, despite the discomfort of growth. 

When I lay my tired body to rest at the end of the day, I find myself wondering if I am the only one.


I long for my tribe.
The women and men who look their fears in the eyes and refuse to look away.
My people, who encourage shedding the shackles of shame.
My people, who embrace me when I feel discouraged.
My people, who know that we are brave for ourselves and our kin.


If you are out there, I celebrate you for your blood, sweat and tears.

Grit your teeth no longer by yourself.

Let's unite. Be joyful. Come home. 

© by our dear community member Amor Muto

This is Us

Here to serve and bring us together

franzi june 1.jpeg

Hi, Franziska here.

Leaning into your most authentic, thriving self demands radical self-inquiry. The truth is that we don't get there alone. We need (and want) people in our corner.
This is why I'm here.

One of the most sacred superpowers is unconditional belief and love. This is when we start to understand each other. bravespace for me means creating micro-communities of change in which we can unleash our potential together through the art of gathering.

When I am not "brave", I become irritated, hard to reach and ​hard on myself. 

Neither of those are traits that I want to model for my three boys. I am committed to this life's work of creating bravespaces for a new level of human decency and compassion. 

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Hi, Ted here. 

My intro is coming soon. 

Franziska Gonder 
(Somatic) Leadership Coach
for high performers and leaders in transition


Ted Gonder
(Personal) Growth Expert


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 bravespace is for everyone

How it started

In the late summer of 2020 Franzi had an idea. It was very raw. We were in the middle of a pandemic and feelings of uncertainty, isolation, and desire for change were at an all time high. 


“I want more intimate spaces for people to come together and be really fucking honest. I want a place where people are in a relationship with each other who usually wouldn’t even encounter each other. A place where bravery can start and find traction, where our stories unfold into powerful narratives. So really a place where we can have the most important conversations of our life. I want to create the impetus of successful change based on the power of us”. 


We started talking. (A looooot.) Also with the tremendous support of our dear friend Amor Muto, who has been an early advocate and believer in our work. We wish him great success with his book.


We met every week for 6 months talking about what it takes to build intimacy among strangers. We talked about what it takes to overcome fear by acknowledging our body’s intelligence, and then normalize the discomfort. 


We talked about our experiences with clients throughout the year. 

And we talked a lot about our own stories. We talked about Amor’s tragic surfing accident in 2012 that now lets him move through life in a wheel chair. We talked about Ted's gates of growth as a very young social entrepreneur at 18, who more often than not had to realize that he needed more than just friends, he needed believers. Franzi became a witness of their bravery to become their own source of inspiration, and trust by trusting others and feeling taken care of. 


We talked about Franzi’s father’s tragic death and her total loss of self afterwards, that led to severe anxiety many years afterwards as she gave birth to her children. Fear of loss, fear of abandonment. It was all there. Amor and Ted became a witness of her commitment to slow healing, and how somatic coaching has not only helped many of her clients, but also rewired her nervous system, and her approach to hard things in life. 


We talked about our failures in building multiple businesses, building strong romantic relationships with our partners, building a family and remaining entrepreneurial, moving across the world for the sake of personal happiness, and and and… Because we gave each other and our idea of intimate community building space we became our own best advocates for change. 


What we identified is how there were always(!) meaningful interactions, heartfelt conversations, and embodied moments of new energy that helped not just us, but also most of our coaching clients to overcome adversity and come up stronger. 


The conversations that mattered were raw and brave, your body felt it; they set others and us free and became the gateway to a new way of working, a new perspective on life, a driver of radical action towards our greatest dreams. 


When we feel like we matter, we are able to see our potential. When we commit to ourselves, and our relationship to others we liberate ourselves from the feeling of “nothingness”. When we know someone is actively listening, we can slowly open up about the stories that dictate our lives. 


The deep relationships we create throughout our lives become the cornerstones, and foundation of our success stories. We will always remember the people that believed in us and those who made us feel our inner and limitless power. 

We will always remember the people who showed no judgement and endless optimism for our big ideas and dreams, and deepest worries. 


Do you feel the energy too? 


So now you know. Now you know why we are launching a place for people to come together, bond, build breakthroughs, and hold each other accountable. 


Today we want to invite you to this new kind of community.

Read our manifesto. Join some of our brave space sessions. Join our conversation. Stay tuned for more. 

Listen in.

Early live conversations about some of the most vulnerable topics on leading with bravery.